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As an independent investment firm, we perform market analysis that is completely unbiased. By combining our long history of experience with in-depth research, we are able to identify promising investment opportunities. Equally important, we continue to monitor those investments for advisory accounts long after they have been made. By making intelligent and timely recommendations, we provide clients with responsiveness that is critical in an ever-changing market.


We begin by thoroughly reviewing your present circumstances. Ideally, we meet to discuss your investment goals and, after these have been clearly defined, we prepare our recommendation. Because we are independent, our advice will be completely objective. We have no financial incentive to recommend a particular stock or mutual fund. Instead we consider information gathered from many different sources including economists, investment research analysts and corporate management.

  • Customized Investment Management for Individuals and Institutions
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Retirement Income and Financial Planning
  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • Trust and Estate Services
  • Insurance and Annuities
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Our firm believes there is no such thing as an average client, standard portfolio or retirement income plan. Investment objectives and needs vary widely. The requirements of a young professional in his or her 20’s differ greatly from those of one who is about to retire. The financial needs of an older widow are not the same as the financial goals and concerns of parents with children to educate. Your financial situation and goals also change over time because of promotions, retirement, real estate sales, inheritance, etc. Therefore, what initially was an extremely attractive investment or financial plan for you may no longer be appropriate. We monitor these variables through our investment research and regular communications with you. We continuously supervise your account and suggest changes when necessary.


Brown Lisle Cummings is independently owned and operated by its partners. We are not pressured or constrained by upper management, nor are we burdened with reporting to shareholders or satisfying a board of directors. Instead, our primary responsibility is to answer to our clients, whom we believe are better served by the stability and long term focus of our firm’s private ownership.

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Since 1912, Brown Lisle Cummings has dealt personally and confidentially with clients’ money and their plans for the future. This commitment demands the highest degree of ability, integrity and judgment. You will find these qualities throughout our organization – in our partners, our advisors, and our staff. As a firm, we have survived and prospered despite vast changes in the investment business and global economy because we have helped our clients do the same – survive and prosper.


You are invited to come in and discuss your financial situation, needs and goals with us. Any information you provide during this initial meeting – or at any other time – will be kept in the strictest confidence.

If you are just beginning an investment program, we will make recommendations as to the investments most appropriate for you and help design a plan.

If you are already an investor, we welcome the opportunity to analyze and evaluate your present holdings, making certain that they fit today’s conditions and your investment goals.

If you are an executor or trustee of an estate, we can serve you by appraising estates for state and federal tax purposes and by guiding you relative to the proper timing and documentation necessary for settling estates.

Whether you are establishing an investment account for the first time, starting up an education fund for your child or grandchild, rolling over your 401(k) plan, or looking for a fresh approach to your current portfolio, let our firm help you accomplish your financial goals. Call us anytime to set up a free consultation. You will find a warm welcome at Brown Lisle Cummings.

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